Sean O' Hagan

“Writing music for pictures is wonderful and peculiar. Writing for movies is prestigious and can be fun but not quite the quandary that is picture music. Writing a song is basically writing to yourself and for yourself. Never believe anyone who says they write songs for other people.
But writing for a picture or a painting ……………….
It’s an odd state of affairs. Especially when the picture and the music happen simultaneously but independent of each other and in different countries, never mind studios or cities. ”
Sean O’Hagan (Extract from The Musical Paintings_Vol. 1)

16 Sep

some news from the The High LLamas

Sept 23 Sat Dublin Venue Whelans
Sept 24 Fri Cork Venue An Crúiscín Lán in Douglas St
These are 2 of only 3 shows the High LLamas played in 2005. All too rare.
Sorry, its a bit late with the notification.

The High Llamas will start recording the follow up to Beet Maize and Corn this month. We expect [...]

18 Aug

news from the wheels

Sean’s soundtrack for the Musical Wheel is reaching completion, while Jean Pierre, assisted by Khalifa Faye, is currently painting its first layers.

18 Dec

Sean O’Hagan about the release of “Beet Maize and Corn”

I sat down a year and half ago and asked myself…