The Musical Paintings

21 Sep

« Waterloo to Waterloo » au Pathé Palace

[ Waterloo to Waterloo at the  Pathé Palace :: sept. 23 :: BXL ]

16 Sep

some news from the The High LLamas

Sept 23 Sat Dublin Venue Whelans
Sept 24 Fri Cork Venue An Crúiscín Lán in Douglas St
These are 2 of only 3 shows the High LLamas played in 2005. All too rare.
Sorry, its a bit late with the notification.

The High Llamas will start recording the follow up to Beet Maize and Corn this month. We expect [...]

18 Jul

Putting the music in the wheel

Men at work.

06 Jul

Jean Pierre, Laurent and Khalifa have completed the visual and structural stages of the Wheel.

15 Feb

The Musical Wheel : Work in progress