The Musical Wheel

The Musical Wheel is a trio of freestanding circular paintings storyboarding the evolving wheel, eventually to Detroit, the spiritual home of the motor industry and the everlasting home of Motown.

Eight of the many wooden circles within the triptych are actually interactive, corresponding to a track of the mix. Flashing lights on these eight circles guide the viewer when operational. At the centre of the central wheel is a spinning wheel which randomly functions as a special effects tool.

09 Oct

the wheel keeps turning

Some views of the work in progress

left panel

central panel

right panel

24 Sep

the wheel keeps turning (bis)

18 Aug

news from the wheels

Sean’s soundtrack for the Musical Wheel is reaching completion, while Jean Pierre, assisted by Khalifa Faye, is currently painting its first layers.

20 Jul

The mystery of the Musical Wheel

In a secret laboratory, under the direction of Pr Paco Martinez, the elements for Musical Wheel are being cut and assembled.

15 Apr

L’invention de la roue

Sean O’Hagan et Jean Pierre Muller ont commencé à travailler sur un nouveau projet de Musical Painting.