Waterloo to Waterloo

music performed by Sean O’Hagan of The High Llamas

STRINGS Brian Wright, Sally Herbert, Jackie Norrie, Marcus Holdaway
BRASS Andy Robinson, Colin Crawley, Marc Bassey
Domic Murcott
Sean O’Hagan, Fulton Dingley

visuals by Jean Pierre Muller

ASSISTANT Nicolas Grimaud


London - Brussels

A unique collaboration

The Musical Painting can be described as a large picture composed of wooden shapes that fit into one another. It produces its own soundtrack but with a distinctive novelty - it is the viewer who, by playing with the moveable parts of the painting, is in fact the conductor of the piece.

This unique fusion between vision and sound is the fruit of the collaboration between Sean O’Hagan’s ‘The High Llamas’ (U.K.) and the artist Jean Pierre Muller (B).

The two creators worked closely together on this project, Sean O’Hagan creating an original symphony by mixing acoustic instruments (strings, brass,…), electronic sounds and urban noises, and Jean Pierre Muller by providing the visual element with its flexible geometry.

The Theme

The references inherent to Sean and Jean Pierre’s respective work, as much as the references characteristic to the subjects may not be fortuitous.

As the concept of these Musical Paintings is rather simple, so must be the generic idea that will link them together. One must find the same richness of reference in this project as one finds in the artists solo work, that of internal networks and the contemporary setting of past and present elements.

They have therefore chosen the general theme of travel. This theme is also a direct echo of the artists‚ real lives and their way of working together in two different cities, London and Brussels. From there derives the concept Waterloo to Waterloo, theme of the first Musical Painting.

Platforms, trolleys, luggage, tunnels, announcements, changing landscapes, moving farewells, yesterday’s and today’s travellers, arrivals and departures,… , as well as echoes of an ancient battle: the spectator-director will have at his disposal an array of audio and visual clues to write an original story, dotted with extreme encounters, or one that simply tells of the sweet poetry of everyday life.