The Musical Painting

The Musical Painting is a freestanding painting which houses a looped musical composition within. It is a collaboration between a musician, Sean O’Hagan, and a painter, Jean Pierre Muller.

The two creators worked closely together on this project, Sean O’Hagan creating an original symphony by mixing acoustic instruments (strings, brass,…), electronic sounds and urban noises, and Jean Pierre Muller by providing the visual element with its flexible geometry.

The painting surface comprises of multiple panels, some of which respond to touch. The responsive panels act as remix tools inviting the viewer to alter the music as they encounter the painting.

The painted panels offer a storyboard, which may or may not relate to the composition. It is for the viewer to decide and invent. Though the Musical Painting employs advanced digital processing which enables the remix options the interaction, surface and content (musical and visual) are organic and tactile, hopefully making the live encounter unique.

To date two Musical Paintings exist, Waterloo to Waterloo, square panelled and The Musical Wheel, a triptych of circles.